Saw a term in the game you don’t recognize? E-mail us to add it to this list.

addon – A module that can be added to the game to alter it’s functionality. Usually used for convenience purposes. Every player either (a) believes addons are essential to halfway-competent gameplay or (b) addons are a crutch and real pros play without them. There can be no middle ground.

AFK – Away from keyboard. A catchall for going to the bathroom, grabbing a beer, or for when your dog catches on fire. Does not apply to being distracted by ERP whispers, as you are still at your keyboard.

aggro – Aggression. See threat.

dungeon – Places where a group of five players get together to tackle enemies too strong for one person alone. While with friends this can be an efficient and hopefully fun experience, the most humorous anecdotes come from doing this with four random strangers and hoping they at least have the situational awareness of a blind cavefish at a light show (bonus points if they have their written communication skills at a kindergarten or higher level).

DPS – Damage per second. Used both as a unit of measurement for how much damage a player is putting out (and subsequently your worth as an individual), and to describe the role a player is filling in a group (a role esteemed somewhere between the gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe and soul-sucking aliens intent on selling your corpse on the black market).

druids – See furries.

ERP – Something that happens in Goldshire and Silvermoon which your mommy and daddy will tell you about when you’re old enough.

furries – See druids.

ganking – Non-consensual PvP combat. A traumatic experience whose psychological wounds can only be healed by leveling to max level then going and one-shotting noobs in Stranglethorn Vale.

heals – Spells used to restore lost health to a player. Also refers to healers, a role within a group. Healers have fragile egos and should be treated like the special snowflakes they are.

mob – A computer generated monster. Although the word is almost ubiquitously used, very few people actually know what it stands for. (Show-Off Explanation: It’s short for “mobile unit”, a holdover from when gamers played text-based MUDS.)

mod – Modification. See addon.

pat – Short for patrol. A group of wandering monsters. Usually you see “pat inc” about two seconds after your face is bludgeoned by something nasty and foul-smelling.

PvE – Player vs. Environment. Describes combat between a player and game generated monsters. Despite the misleading name, deaths to falling, drowning and standing in lava do not count as PvE combat.

PvP – Player vs. Player. Describes combat between opposing players. Kills are only valid if you make gloating posts about your trivial skirmish on your realm forums. That punctuation is forbidden in said post goes without saying.

raid – Like a dungeon, but with either twice or five times the number of people. Potential fun is increased twofold (or fivefold), but so is potential pain. (Pro Tip: If you spam your DPS meters so frequently that no one can see raid chat, they will all know how uber you are and invite you back next time.)

random – A dungeon selected for you by the game when you queue for it in the dungeon finder. Usually gives you a reward in the form of an extra piece of loot or in game currency of some sort. Contrary to what the name might imply, queueing for a random will almost always give you Halls of Stone.

roll – A way of distributing loot at random by typing /roll. The computer will then generate a number. If you win, it is clearly the most fair way to distribute loot. If you lose, this is stupid and we should switch to loot council.

tank – A player who seeks to hold a mob’s attention on him in order to protect his more fragile group members. Due to recent changes in game mechanics, good tanks are increasingly rare. Any found should be immediately abducted and held in your basement for instant dungeon queues on demand.

threat – The amount of hate a mobĀ  has for a player. The mob will attack the player who has generated the most threat against it. A concept that seems to baffle mages in particular.