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About Poras

I've played a resto druid for 5 years now with an offspec of various types depending on what was needed at that moment in time. I'm an Officer of and one of the main raid leaders for over 2 years. I enjoy healing, collecting achievements, and long walks on the Durotar shore.

Storytime: Character Profile: Poras

Every Wednesday, a self-absorbed writer posts an article of virtually no interest to anyone but themselves, under the vague catchall of “Storytime!” Poras of <Pango Honoratus> Birth Name: Poras Whitehoof Race: Tauren Current Age: 26 Place of Birth: Bloodhoof Village … Continue reading

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Character Roles & You

There are three defined roles within any PvE group.  These groups are referred to as: tanks, healers, and DPS.  In the following sections, each role will be broken down into their most basic forms in order to help players learn … Continue reading

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