Definition: Grinding/Farming

Every Thursday, we try to forcibly educate the WoW populace about frequently misunderstood and/or misused terminology. We may not see results yet, but our children’s children will tell the tale of the heroes who valiantly stood up for vocabulary and proper spelling. It is for them that we persevere.

Today’s definition is a dual-definition!  I do this, because the two are often times interchangeable, and mean relatively the same thing.  I’m told they mean other things in other games, but since I’m not sure what those are, pretend those definitions don’t exist, because they’re most likely used entirely differently here in Warcraftland.

First is Farming.  If you need to go out and collect a lot of cloth, say Frostweave, you would be ‘farming Frostweave cloth.”  Also, you can farm rep with a specific faction.  For example;

“I gotta farm a ton of Thorium Ore before I can continue leveling my Blacksmithing.”

“Hey, does anyone want to help me farm rep with AB?  I could use a friend. 😦 ”

Second, Grinding.  Grinding is kind of like farming, in that you are likely collecting a lot of things for one purpose or another.  Usually means something like “massacring untold amounts of the same creature(s) until a certain event occurs, or goal is reached.” Doesn’t quite roll off the tongue, does it?  Examples;

“I was grinding South Sea Pirates for 4 hours yesterday.  It was maddening.”

“This has got to be the worst grind in the game. Those Ravenholdt guys may like me after this, but they better steer clear of me, cause I don’t like them.”


About Tyko

I play WoW, EvE Online, and Minecraft. And Pokémon. I enjoy burritos, pizza, french fries, and spicy chicken sandwiches. I'm a Libra. I am creepy more often than not. I'm an elitist at heart. Fear is the mind-killer.
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2 Responses to Definition: Grinding/Farming

  1. toadstool says:

    I always thought farming had to do with items, grinding had to do with leveling.

  2. Tyko says:

    Eh, like I said, the definitions are interchangeable, and this is only a guide for newbies. They’ll develop their own sense of the use of the word once they’ve seen it in context, and hopefully not be confused by it.

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