Storytime: Character Profile: Poras

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Poras of <Pango Honoratus>

Birth Name: Poras Whitehoof

Race: Tauren

Current Age: 26

Place of Birth: Bloodhoof Village , Mulgore

Early Life:

Born three years after what would be known as the First War, Poras had the typical childhood of all Tauren during that time.  Word of the War reached the shores of Kalimdor, but was of no concern to the peoples of that continent.  With enough of their own concerns, the Tauren did not wish to become involved in a War that took place so far from home.  Living in a time of relative peace, the Tauren kept to their own affairs, while continuing to service for the Earthmother and Her creatures.

After the Second War had come and gone and the fabled Dark Portal destroyed, Poras was now the age of 12.  Poras, showing great interest in the teachings of the Druid, chose to follow in that path and learn their ways.  The Elders of the Druids saw much potential in Poras and knew that he could be a great asset if the front line of battle ever came to Kalimdor.  The Elders also knew that through his strong connection with the Earthmother, Poras might be able to aid them in their watch over an ancient evil that had been all but destroyed in times past…

At age 17, nearly complete with the first series of his Druidic training, the Tauren had their first encounter with the Orcish Horde.  Thrall, the new Warchief of the Horde, had taken remaining people across the ocean in search of a place to call home in this foreign land.  Thrall came across several Tauren settlements along the way and met Cairne Bloodhoof, the leader of the Tauren.  After aiding Cairne against the centaur marauders, Thrall saw the honor that the Tauren people carried with them and offered them an allegiance with the Orcs, and a place in the Horde.

Poras had learned to harness the powers of nature, concentrating the energies of both the sun and moon into a power that would serve as a means of protecting him and his people one day.  Poras had seen Druids harness mass amounts of both the solar and lunar energies to dispatch would-be attackers and hold the centaur clans at bay.  He wished that one day his powers would be even a fraction of those he had seen.  He had also seen the great powers of shapeshifting, a powerful gift from the Earthmother that allowed the Druids to take the form of one her creations in order to serve Her and to protect the Tauren.  Being an elite student among his peers, Poras knew that one day he would get to experience all that the Earthmother had given the Tauren, and the Druids specifically, but until then, he would remain an eager learner.

One night, after his 22nd birthday, Poras received a vision from the Earthmother.  In his vision he saw distant lands – some he had heard of through his studies, and some unknown to him.  He saw peace in some of the lands and destruction in others.  He saw great battles being fought, both for survival and pushing back evils.  He felt that all of these lands – all of these events – were directly related to the life he was training so hard to become a part of.  Though he was unsure of what the Earthmother was trying to tell him, he knew one thing for sure: He would need to leave his homeland in order to find out what the Earthmother had planned for his life.


About Poras

I've played a resto druid for 5 years now with an offspec of various types depending on what was needed at that moment in time. I'm an Officer of and one of the main raid leaders for over 2 years. I enjoy healing, collecting achievements, and long walks on the Durotar shore.
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