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Every Monday, we answer a basic question about the game using as few words as possible. Send questions for next Monday here.

Q: What is the difference between a dungeon and a raid?

A: When I asked this in party, Poras actually said something intelligent: “All raids are dungeons, but not all dungeons are raids” and this is completely true- it’s like the saying with squares and rectangles… or something.

The main difference between a dungeon and a raid is the number of people, and the difficulty of the instance. The majority of raids are either 10 or 25 people (although there were 40 man raids in Classic WoW), whereas most dungeons are 5 players.

When in a raid group, you don’t get credit for any non-raid quests.

And… that’s pretty much it, besides the fact that raids tend to be a bunch niftier. Just saying.

If you’re so inclined, you can look at what other people have to say on the matter here.


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Barri is a fierce troll warrior, only taking six months to get from level 1 to 80. In real life, I'm a reader, a dreamer, a singer, and a really random person, at times.
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3 Responses to Simple Questions/Simple Answers

  1. BLANDRICK says:

    there were no 40mans in bc

    just saying

  2. toadstool says:

    I hate to disagree, but not ALL raids are dungeons. World bosses and PvP both take advantage of raids, and they have nothing to do with a dungeon. And if a Paladin solo’s an instance like MC which is intended to be raid content, does that make it a dungeon?

    I think an instanced zone that a designers ‘intended’ for a party of five players is a dungeon, excluding pvp zones. Encounters the designers ‘intended’ for 10 or more are raids, including PvP.

    Zoning is required for a dungeon in Warcraft, and is not for a raid.

    But those are just my 2 cents!

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