Grats, That’s a Big One!

Some time-consuming things that have the ability to destroy a guy.. girls and achievements. You may want to focus on one or the other because, if you try for both, bad things could happen. Since I have more knowledge of achievement points, I’ll write about them.

Achievements are made up of one or more criteria being met. These are in-game accomplishments, that Blizzard has deemed important enough to make a public note of. Each achievement has a certain number of points based on the nature of the task, difficult ones will usually net you with more points than easy ones. Upon completion, a notification of your achievement will be sent to guild chat and anyone near you. Clicking the “Achievements” button or pressing the “Y” key will open a window, which can be used to view any achievements you are working on, haven’t started, and have completed. Bright achievements have been completed while the dark ones have not, their progress can be tracked. Some achievements chain, the [Level 10] achievement adds the [Level 20] one to your list upon completion. Some achievements use smaller ones as criteria, [What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been] nests several achievements that are built up of more nested achievements. One of the best ways to understand achievements is to peruse your achievement window, reading the categories that interest you, and then trying to fulfill the objective.

Why would you want to get achievements? Even if you are consumed with all the buttons, quests, zones, and shiny things in general, achievements will likely help with the sometimes tedious grind. Some opportunities to accomplish achievements will take you on a side track and slow your progress, others will force you to level even faster. Achievement points are also a guaranteed way to greatly increase the size of your e-peen. Certain achievements have rewards to add to your characters in-game flair: vanity pets, titles, mounts, and tabards. acquiring achievements will in some cases give you unique abilities, or lead you to special in-game items, that will help you later on. Achievements are also a great way to envelop yourself in lore.

If you like your character/class and feel an attachment already, consider making them your achievement toon. As you level, you are already working toward achievements. You may become obsessed with some of these after it is too late! Decide if there is something you want before you level past a certain area. Staying aware will help you to not miss opportunities and save you the trip back into the zone after you have out leveled it. Some achievements will be accomplished without breaking a sweat, while others will take a lot of dedication. You may be working on some long after you reach the level cap.

Games have advanced a lot over the course of time. It once required participants to be in the same room, at the same time, to determine the better player. High Scores were introduced and would let the world know that you were the best, no-one could top that gigantic number. Games kept getting better leading to Save Games, skill levels, PAR times, and so on. Soon games had so many variables it took a while to explain how you kicked ass. Internet gaming came to be, and comparison of skill changed greatly. You would tell a friend how you had been the best, how you were so damn 1337. Sooner or later these communications were met with comments like “Screenshot or it didn’t happen.” As graphic manipulation software got better, even a Screenshot wasn’t good enough. Your tale of getting “five headshots in a row” then “capturing the enemy base,” was meaningless without a recording. Eventually developers created Achievements, they kept the consumer more interested in the game for longer, gave the gamer a sense of accomplishment, and a much more expansive method of comparison.

So if you have a lot of time on your hands, and raiding, pvp, questing, leveling alts, auctions, and ERP doesn’t consume that time, there’s always an achievement to do.

Go get some.


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One Response to Grats, That’s a Big One!

  1. toadstool says:

    See size does matter! I’m doomed to a life of inadequecy 😦 I wouldn’t mind getting more achievements, but there just seems no order to them.

    They can can be tracked, if you know they exist, can figure where they are in the achievement panel, and remember to check mark them to track.

    There should be better tools to help. When you open you map it should include info for achievements for the zone your in. Tips of the day should include suggestions for achievements where you logged in, or when you zone. Calendar events should include hyper links to your achievement page to remind you of seasonal or world achievements.

    There just has to be an easier way to go about getting these!

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