Bad Idea Friday: Begging in Guild

Bad Idea Fridays are dedicated to the idea that if you’re going to do something (no matter how ill advised), it’s best to do it properly. Any and all consequences of following the advice in this article can be blamed on Poras.

So your sibling/friend/significant other/distant relative/random guy in a PuG just invited you to join their guild! Fantastic!

The first thing you do when joining is press J to look at a list of all the people in your new guild. ZOMG! Look at all the 80s!

Well since they’re 80, they clearly aren’t leveling anymore. (Well, at least not for two more weeks.) So that means they’ll have lots of time to run you through dungeons right? I mean, you’re in their guild now, so they’ll want to get you lots of loot.

Plus, it’s really easy to make gold at 80. So they should definitely give you some of it. I mean, why wouldn’t they want to? They can just go make more in like, 20 minutes. Why wouldn’t they want to spend an hour or so running through dungeons and giving you things? It’s just an hour. And you’re totally good for it once you hit level cap.

Except no one really says anything when you ask in guild. Realizing that this is probably because they have poor eyesight and couldn’t read what you typed you ask again in all caps. This is so it’s easier to read, and it’s considered good manners. When no one again responds, you pick the first level 80 on the list and send them a whisper. They respond that they’re busy doing dailies. That’s cool, you’re a patient person. You’ll just wait for them to be done!

Five minutes later, they’re probably done, so you whisper them again. They say they’re still busy, so you politely ask if they could postpone doing dailies til they’ve helped you. They’re keeping you waiting after all.

They respond very rudely to your reasonable request. You make a note to talk to the guild master about their unhelpful behavior later. You are quite certain they don’t want their guild members to be behaving like this to new members!

Going down the list of guildies, you find someone who is willing to help. They seem to think you must be the alt of someone you know, so you helpfully explain to them that no, you are a complete stranger. They seem to think this is rather odd, but you merrily skip off to the dungeon.

The guild member quickly clears through the dungeon, and you get several blue drops. What luck! At the end, you tell them to run out and reset, and they ask if you didn’t get what you wanted. You helpfully explain that you’re there for the XP. There is a pause, and they inquire if you have heard of questing. Of course you have! But this way is much more convenient for you. They say they have to go walk their dog, and log off in a hurry.

In a week, you realize that you really don’t like playing your current class anymore, and roll a paladin. They one shot people in battlegrounds, and that’s pretty awesome. You whisper the helpful guildie for more dungeon runs to level the new toon, but they seem to have accidentally put you on ignore. You helpfully pipe up in guild chat to explain the situation, but something odd happens.

You have been kicked out of the guild.

What a bunch of terribad scrubs. You were way too good for them anyway.

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2 Responses to Bad Idea Friday: Begging in Guild

  1. Chrios says:


    I know this guy! Reni definitely speaks the truth, its tough to have level 20s, even if they are your friends, bugging you the minute you log-on for help with this thing. Sometimes its nice to log and NOT do 10 million things…

  2. toadstool says:

    I am this guy! Reni, can I borrow 5000 gp for a fast flying mount? My priest just dinged 80 and I only have 1k, and I’d like to save that for when cataclysm comes out.

    OH, and if you have time, I’d like to finish leveling up my warlock by Dec 7. He’s 65 so if you could run me through instances for a couple of days, it should be doable!

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