Earthquake! Or, How Lore Makes the Ceiling Fall on Your Head

Every Tuesday, we chortle in sadistic glee as Varialyta attempts to compress a complex story into 500 words or less for the consumption of the Ritalin generation. This week’s topic: Deathwing!

With The Cataclysm nearly upon us, and another big baddie in our sights, some people may be wondering, “Who is this Deathwing dude?”

The short version of the story is this:
He was once a very powerful and very good dragon who became a very bad dragon and now wants nothing more than to destroy every living thing in Azeroth. So now you know. You can stop reading now and go back to playing WoW.

On the off-chance you’re still reading, the long version of the story is, well, longer. In the very early days of Azeroth, as the Titans left, they put dragons in charge of keeping the world safe. There were 5 groups, or dragonflights, each a different color. Neltharion was chief of the Black Dragonflight, and they were given responsibility for the ground and all beneath it. He was a fierce and wise protector.

Then he was driven mad. The Old Gods, who had been overthrown by the Titans, wanted to escape the prison they’d been put in, and hatched an intricate plot that required the complete subjugation of Neltharion to their will. In this part, they succeeded. Where they failed, however, was in actually escaping their prison. A lot of humanoids and dragons got together to stop events before they got that far, and of course, most of the best of them died, making for lots of nice tales for lore-junkies like myself!

At any rate, once he turned evil, Neltharion came to be known as Deathwing. Although he was defeated, he didn’t actually die (isn’t that almost always the case with these extremely powerful entities)? He’s been healing deep underground. But not for much longer. He’s already started kicking at the walls down there and shaking things up for us surface-walkers.

I imagine when he finally decides to pop back to the surface, he’ll really tear up the place. In fact, I could swear part of the Orgrimmar Auction House ceiling came down on my head the other day!

On a personal note, I know we’re supposed to kill Deathwing in Cataclysm, but I think his story is very sad. I can’t help but wish he could be redeemed. But, if need be, I’ll still help take him down–he’s bound to drop some good loot…

Oh, by the way, even my long version is only a smidgen of the story. If you’re interested in a more complete time-line, please visit our friends at wowpedia for their great article on Deathwing.


About Varialyta

I be troll shaman, mon. I trow lava and lightnin at de bad folks dat git in de way, and sometimes help de Horde sick and injured to keep dem from dyin. When I be tired of blastin and healin, I sometimes go dancin wit mah druid kitty friends.
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