Bad Idea: Standing in Bad

Bad Idea Fridays are dedicated to the idea that if you’re going to do something (no matter how ill advised), it’s best to do it properly. Any and all consequences of following the advice in this article can be blamed on Poras.

There he is.  The final boss.  You’ve fought a long, long time to get here.  Innumerable foes have fallen before you.  You are one of the most powerful heroes to have ever walked the face of Azeroth.  Your enemies quake before your almighty wrath, and civilians worship you as a god.  You are the pride and joy of your home city, where your King smiles upon you as the greatest champion to ever carry his banner.

You answer to no one and nothing.  Not Beasts, nor Kings, nor Gods command you.  Even the Elements themselves turn against you, and yet leave you unfettered.

Your group members’ concern for your wellness as you slay your enemies whilst knee-deep in burning acid amuses you.  Their shouts of “GET OUT OF THE FIRE” make you laugh an ash-filled laugh as you continue to cast your spells and swing your mighty axe.  Even when the Commander and Lord-General of all the Undead summons the voids of nothingness beneath your feet to rip your soul from your body, piece by agonizing piece, you hold your ground, for you are the most powerful being in all of Azeroth, and the great peak upon which you stand is a lonely one. But looking down on all the peasants as they cower in fear of falling rocks, and swirling mists of lightning clouds brings a tear of joy to your eyes, and a mirthful smile to your lips. 


About Tyko

I play WoW, EvE Online, and Minecraft. And Pokémon. I enjoy burritos, pizza, french fries, and spicy chicken sandwiches. I'm a Libra. I am creepy more often than not. I'm an elitist at heart. Fear is the mind-killer.
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