Definition of the Week: PST

Every Thursday, we try to forcibly educate the WoW populace about frequently misunderstood and/or misused terminology. We may not see results yet, but our children’s children will tell the tale of the heroes who valiantly stood up for vocabulary and proper spelling. It is for them that we persevere.

PST is an acronym that stands for “Please Send Tell.”

It’s in the back of the World of Warcraft manual, along with many other acronyms that will doubtlessly be covered in these weekly posts that far too many people misuse on a daily basis, due to either simple ignorance, or general incompetence.  I’m leaning towards the latter.

Do: “Looking for more for [For the Horde!], PST”

Do NOT: “lf a healer 4 naxx undying achiv pst me ur gs and naxx achiv”

Do: “Does anyone want to come to old world raids?  PST”

Do NOT: ” can sum1 tell me were is mankrik wife plz pst me plz”

Do “LF Tailor with Leggings of Woven Death pattern, PST!”

Do NOT: “i need a inscriptioner pssst me”

While “PST” may look like the onomatopoeia for a whispering sound, and may have been Blizzard’s intention for it to masquerade as such, it is not to be used quite so barbarically.

Misuse of this acronym can lead to, perhaps not confusion, but certainly aspersions cast upon your intelligence, and worth as a player and human being.


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I play WoW, EvE Online, and Minecraft. And Pokémon. I enjoy burritos, pizza, french fries, and spicy chicken sandwiches. I'm a Libra. I am creepy more often than not. I'm an elitist at heart. Fear is the mind-killer.
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